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Welcome To Keyboard Player Magazine

Keyboard Player is the longest-running keyboard magazine on the UK market, having been published monthly since 1979. Appealing mainly to the home enthusiast and semi-pro player, the magazine covers all types of keyboard instruments including portables, workstations, synthesizers, pianos and organs, plus amplification/speaker systems, computer music software and ancillary equipment. As well as product news and in-depth reviews, Keyboard Player publishes expert playing advice, tuition plus sheet music including exclusive music arrangements, along with interviews and profiles, prize competitions and reviews of CDs, DVDs and books.
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Issue & Web Site Update - July/August 2011

Welcome to the combined July/August issue of Keyboard Player which is available now for download only at present. Better late than never are the words that spring to mind, so many apologies for the delay. We hope that this is only a temporary blip and that normality can be restored in the not too distant future. Look out for future updates.


First up in this issue we have the first part of Andrew Gilbert’s two-part review of the Korg PA3x Professional Arranger keyboard. His first impressions suggest that this is a keyboard aimed mainly for the pro, although he is very impressed with the sounds and styles on offer and believes further delights await when he tackles the sequencers and harmoniser. In the meantime read his 6 page in-depth review in this issue.

Korg PA3x Professional Review
Yamaha MOX8/6 Review
Next up we have the latest MOX synths from Yamaha. The MOX6 and the MOX8 are both genuine and fiery upgrades, opines John Bates and fantastic value for money, and should appeal to both gigging musicians and home/studio use.

Finally on the review front we have a PA system from Bose, the L1 Model ll which has impressed Tony Cliff so much he’s decided to order one for himself. (Contrary to popular belief reviewers don’t get to keep the products they review)

Bose L1 Model II Review

In Key People we interview Gregg Allman, one of rock music’s true survivors. Here he talks about his 40 years in music and what persuaded him to record a new album, ‘Low Country Blues’, after nearly 15 years.


Over the years popular music has raided the classical archives for inspiration on numerous occasions. Classnotes looks and some examples including music for ‘Strangers In Paradise’ from ‘Kismet’


This then is our July/August issue which we hope you’ll enjoy. See you soon.


Sorry for the delay with Issue 361 but it will be worth the wait!
Our cover story is one of rock music's great survivors, Gregg Allman, who is currently on tour promoting his first album in nearly 15 years, Low Country Blues.
Issue 361 will also present in-depth reviews on Yamaha's new synthesizers, the MOX6 and MOX8; Korg's latest Professional Arranger keyboard, the Pa3X; and the Bose L1 Model II portable loudspeaker system.

Issue & Web Site Update - June 2011
Yamaha Tyros 4 Review
Welcome to the June issue of Keyboard Player which is now available to purchase and download.
At long last we are able to bring you part two of the Yamaha Tyros4 review which we promised when part one was published last November. Apologies for the delay but hopefully the wait will be worthwhile as Andrew Gilbert digs deep into the things that impressed him initially, in this 6 page in-depth review. Anyone purchasing this review will get part one as well.

Roland have a reputation for bringing out innovative products and their new BK-7m feature-packed compact module, could prove to be a god-send to solo performers and duos. Read Tony Cliff’s in-depth review in this issue.

Roland BK-7m Review

Computer Music this month features an impressive trio of virtual saxophones and a trombone, all from Sample Modeling.


In Key People there is an interview with Robert John Godfrey, keyboardist and founding-member of The Enid. He’s not too keen on the term prog-rock; and who can blame him after the excesses of some bands during the mid-seventies, when the music press painted the whole genre with the same brush, which rather disguised the fact that some fine music was still being produced. And of course, still is. Both, what we’ll call symphonic-rock, and The Enid have survived and still have a major following and popularity in the 2011. Godfrey and the band’s story from their formation in 1975 to the present day is a fascinating one with many ups and downs, a story of survival without compromises.


The Can-Can is probably Offenbach’s best known melody but his Barcarolle from ‘The Tales of Hoffman’ will be equally familiar although perhaps the title less so. Classnotes has a fully orchestrated arrangement of this piece for advanced players with a no-frills version for beginners. Intermediate players get to tackle Mussorgsky’s Promenade from ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.


This then is our June issue which we hope you’ll enjoy. See you next time.

Issue & Web Site Update - May 2011
Orla Compact Theatre Review
Welcome to the May issue of Keyboard Player which is now available to purchase and download.
For those of you who would like a ‘real’ organ but don’t really have the space Orla have come up with the Compact Theatre which shares its specification with the Grand Theatre which we reviewed a few issues ago. With great sounds and styles Andrew Gilbert is impressed with this organ’s sleek appearance. So for those of you already working out where it will fit, it’s 114cm wide (that’s about 45inches for you Imperial die-hards) – full spec with review. Read Andrew’s in-depth review in this issue.

We continue with reviews of Kawai’s current crop of digital pianos. This time it’s the CN23 and CN33 which are essentially for the home player. John Bates believes the quality of the sounds and the intuitive response make these pianos serious contenders in a very competitive market.

Kawai CN23/33 Review

Computer Music features the World Instrument Collection from Garritan, sampling over 350 voices for less than £100 plus the latest on the Mantovani Project.


In this month’s Key People we interview Bobby Whitlock best known for being the keyboardist with 70s band Derek and the Dominos. It is the 40th anniversary of their classic album ‘Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs’ now re-released in a special edition. The title track is one of the all-time great rock love songs and was written by Eric Clapton, inspired by his then unrequited love for Patti Boyd, wife of George Harrison. The song is in two parts, the first written by Clapton and the second, a piano coda written separately by Jim Gordon. John Bates examines this second part in his Classnotes feature although Bobby Whitlock has some strong views on this part of the song. He also reveals how the recording sessions should have been a disaster but managed to produce one of rock’s most iconic albums. ‘It was divinely inspired’ he says.


Europe’s premier music show was held in Frankfurt recently and both Yamaha and Roland had important new products unveiled. We take a look at these in our news feature.


As well as Layla part 2, Classnotes also has the overture from Bizet’s ever-popular opera ‘Carmen’ for both beginners and advanced to savour. This then is our May issue which we hope you’ll enjoy. See you next time.

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